Breyer Horse Item #1443

Teddy Roosevelt's Little Texas
Portrait Model Horse

color: chestnut
: unknown
recommended age: 8 and Up
date available: 2011

Description: The Teddy Roosevelt's Little Texas model horse is part of the Portrait Model series from the Breyer Traditional collection (1:9 scale). He was sculpted using the Flash mold created by Susan Carlton Sifton that was introduced in 2004. The Breyer model horse is a 2011 Mid-Year release for the Portrait Models series.

Great war horses are measured not in hands but in heroism. Described as a “pony” by historians, the chestnut gelding named Little Texas by his rider, future U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, will always stand tall in national memory as  the horse who bravely led the charge of the First U.S. Volunteer Cavalry in one of the fiercest battles of the 1898 Spanish American War: the Battle of San Juan Hill.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail: $40.00